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SCLE is designed to be flexible for use in many types and sizes of classes. SCLE has been used successfully alongside a number of textbooks, and we are happy to provide assistance integrating SCLE into your curriculum.


SCLE can be used as an in-class exercise, an out-of-class assignment, or somewhere in between. Some Professors have provided their students opportunities to negotiate and plan in class, and have run the actual phase of the simulation in class or lab. Others have dedicated only a few class periods to discussing the objectives of the simulation and the progress/outcomes of teams, leaving the planning, negotiation, and actual phase simulation as out-of-class assignments.

Most frequently SCLE is used as an element in a larger course, particularly during the last half of the quarter or semester. However, it can also be applied to shorter special seminars courses over a week or even a weekend. In this later case, less emphasis is placed on the written deliverables, and more on the in-exercise activities.

SCLE has been used successfully in both traditional and distance education courses.


In addition to evaluating teams based on market performance, individual and team deliverables are used to create a full educational experience. SCLE includes faculty access to information to assist them with assigning a comprehensive set of deliverables. Common deliverables have included:

  • Short papers evaluating the parameter choices for minimizing cost and risk and maximizing profit.
  • A weighted scorecard for each potential partner in the market.
  • A negotiation strategy paper.
  • The completed contracts.
  • A paper and/or presentation analyzing the outcome of the simulation.
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